Thanks for attention to ramps’ construction

The Disability Policy Consortium would like to thank the Gazette for its continued coverage of sidewalks and curb cuts this year. The average person does not realize the importance of state standards for ramps and sidewalk cross slopes. Many of our neighbors in wheelchairs cannot see the ground their wheels are rolling over. Failure to negotiate a non-complaint ramp correctly could leave them sprawled in the street.

We also came to appreciate the complexity of sidewalk design during this construction process. The block between Green Street and Starr Lane, the site of a number of Gazette pictures, was difficult because of the street fixtures, grades and crosswalks.

The Boston Public Works Department (PWD) did an exemplary job on Centre Street. The changes in design and construction underway within PWD should result in similar results across the city in years to come.

William Allan
Executive Director
Disability Policy Consortium
Jamaica Plain

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