Republicans should be called Obstructionists

Perhaps we ought to change the name of the Republican Party to the Obstructionists. After eight years of no action in Washington, DC under the Bush administration, other than to commit the United States to an unnecessary war, we are witnessing an administration that is determined to bring about real and positive change to this country, led by a president who is smart, bold and unafraid to address the problems that have plagued this country for decades.

Since the Obstructionists are the same ones who cheered the selection of Sarah Palin as their vice presidential candidate, do we wonder why this is the party that attracts so many nitwits and not a few bigots whose only purpose in life is to impede real progress? Is there no government-free island to which they might relocate where they can self-govern with no taxes and the freedom (which they so often scream about) to shoot each other and wage war against one another on a whim? Perhaps Rush Limbaugh could charter a fleet of planes and lead the way.

Michel Spitzer
Jamaica Plain

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