Turner deserves to complete his city council term

I wish to express my full and unconditional support for District 7 City Councilor Chuck Turner. I have observed Councilor Turner’s service for close to 10 years. I applaud his commitment to justice, his dedication to the under-served and his tireless advocacy for his constituents. I respect his bold opposition to the proposed level 4 biolab in Roxbury, his willingness to take on controversial issues such as ROTC in the Boston Public Schools, his genius in introducing CORI reform, and his proposals and initiatives on progressive issues such as green jobs and foreclosure prevention.

I have been appalled by his treatment in our legal system and much of the media. Surely someone who has fought selflessly for over 20 years for the poor, the under-represented and the transitioning should not be facing a possible prison sentence. I would instead argue that those who set him up by bribing someone with $30,000 are far more of a threat to all of us.

I urge members of the Boston City Council to allow Councilor Turner to complete his term as city councilor. I urge this for a number of reasons, including: Chuck’s lengthy service to the community, his having been re-elected by his constituents despite the charges against him, along with the unjust circumstances, i.e. being the target of an FBI sting operation to threaten his career and damage his reputation. I recommend that we and all members of the Boston City Council stand on the side of justice and support Chuck Turner in his desire to complete his term on the Boston City Council.
Virginia Pratt
Jamaica Plain

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