Editorial: Fund the Arborway Yard

The Federal Transit Administration’s (FTA) bus facility grant program is not likely to see a more worthy applicant than the Arborway Yard.

The proposed bus facility at Washington Street and the Arborway would be a state-of-the-art home for some of the busiest bus lines in a public transit-dependent major city. The plan also would redevelop 8 acres of eyesore land near the Forest Hills T Station into housing, businesses and parkland—exactly the kind of transit-oriented development to which the city, state and federal governments aspire.

Furthermore, the plan is shovel-ready and community-approved. As the Gazette reports this week, the MBTA made another last-minute change to the plan and owes JP an explanation. But that change makes sense—indeed, it originally came from the community—and the focus should be on funding the overall plan.

U.S. Sens. Scott Brown and John Kerry and Congressman Mike Capuano should lobby firmly in favor of the grant application.

JP has been on a bumpy, 13-year ride planning the Arborway Yard. The FTA is now in the driver’s seat. Next stop: more homes, more jobs, more businesses and more green space.

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