Beer, wine store coming to Centre St.

CENTRAL JP—A new wine and beer store that will focus on smaller producers is being planned for 488 Centre St.

Although the lease has not yet been signed, Streetcar Wine and Beer is slated to open in late October, said Michael Dupuy, the owner.

“I wanted to start by talking to as many people as possible in the neighborhood so no one will be caught off guard,” Dupuy told the Gazette. “I am willing to address any concerns the neighborhood might have with the store being so close to the Curley School.”

Streetcar would be located directly across the street from the Curley K-8 School.

“Because it’s not a high school, [fake IDs] should be less of a concern,” Dupuy said, adding that he will follow stringent ID checking guidelines regardless.

As for his focus on smaller producers, Dupuy said they are the ones “with a story to tell.”

He added that the smaller producers also tend to be the more natural producers with few or no artificial ingredients in their wines and beers.

And the story behind the store’s name?

“It’s a reference to the streetcars in the neighborhood of Jamaica Plain. I want to encourage people to celebrate the history of JP…It’s like that feeling when you drink a wine and it tastes of where it’s from. I tried to get that feeling in the name of the store,” Dupuy said.

The MBTA’s “E” Green Line streetcar ran on Centre Street to Forest Hills Station until 1985. A lawsuit seeking to restore the streetcars was recently tossed out.

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