Wine store near school draws concern

A high-end wine and beer store aiming to open across from the Curley K-8 School will seek approval from the school and nearby churches, owner Michael Dupuy told the Gazette.

Streetcar Wine & Beer, proposed for 488 Centre St., would not sell snack food or cheep beer, and Dupuy is trained in catching underage customers. That approach has already gotten Streetcar approvals from the Jamaica Plain Neighborhood Council and the Jamaica Plain Business and Professional Association.

But the Jamaica Pond Association (JPA) tabled a vote on the store at its Sept. 12 meeting pending school and church approvals, according to JPA chairperson Jack Fay Jr. The JPA is also seeking sketches of the proposed storefront signage.

Fay noted that the state Alcoholic Beverages Control Commission requires a finding that alcoholic stores near churches and schools are “not detrimental to the educational and spiritual activities” of the institutions.

“We wouldn’t take a position either way” on the store opening, said Boston Public Schools spokesperson Matt Wilder, who said he consulted with the Curley’s principal. Wilder said BPS is “willing to work with the owner to have a good relationship.”

Dupuy told the Gazette that, even if business went bad, he would not sell regular beer because he could not compete with larger stores.

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