2 men charged with murder in Feb. killing

HYDE SQ.—Two Mattapan men were charged with murder last month in the February shooting death of Brenda Pawlowski behind 21 Kenney St.

Christopher Howard and Larry Pack, both 29, allegedly picked up Pawlowski from her Roxbury home on Feb. 8 and drove her to the Kenney Street address, then shot her once in the head. Neighbors heard the gunshot around 5:15 a.m. Pawlowski’s body was later found behind the residence.

Prosecutors did not describe a motive for the killing. Pawlowski, who was 49, reportedly had a “serious drug problem,” according to the Suffolk County District Attorney’s Office.

Pack was already in jail awaiting trial on charges of illegal gun possession and Class A drug possession with intent to distribute, according to the DA’s Office. Howard was arrested by the Boston Police Department Fugitive Unit on a Mattapan street, according to BPD.

The killing sparked the formation of the Nira Rock Neighborhood Association, which recently livened up the area with a community party.

“In the space of three meetings, we went from pumping the police for information about something dark and scary to planning a free community party,” said neighborhood association member Will Crosby.

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