Budget gifts abound in local shops

The Gazette visited several JP businesses to find out what deals under $20 they are offering for the upcoming holiday season.

Tres Gatos offers quite a choice for $20 or under—but it might take longer to make a choice.

“For $20, you can get four or five used vinyl [records], or two or three books or three used CDs,” said manager Phil Wilcox. “There’s a Hall and Oates record right there.”

On Centre’s owner, Philip Celeste, said his choice would be for Scrabble letter tile-inspired mugs for $12.

“It’s personalized and I like playing Scrabble. Who doesn’t like that?” he said.

Kim Mitchell, owner of Boing!, suggested a card game called Spot It! ($14). It comes in a round metal tin and is perfect for restaurants, Mitchell said. The game does not give an advantage to older kids, she explained, which makes it perfect for families.

For knitters, Pat Boyd, one of the owners of JP Knit & Stitch, suggested one of their many pattern books: Amigurumi Knits ($19.95), which includes patterns for anglerfish and the Loch Ness monster along with vegetables and a jackalope.

“These patterns are fabulous, funny and cute,” Boyd said.

Even non-budget Fire Opal and Salmagundi had budget offerings. Fire Opal has a table stacked with local artisanal soaps ($6.50 each). Salmagundi has several accessories for under $20: hair pins, knitted winter hats, earrings and fingerless gloves.

“Everyone needs fingerless gloves,” said owner Jessen Fitzpatrick.

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