Editorial: Time to think about Casey

We applaud MassDOT for following our suggestion to delay the Casey Overpass replacement decision until mid-January. It is the right thing to do.

MassDOT already held a thorough series of meetings about the overpass replacement, also by local request. But as with all long processes, the real action happens at the end. That is when the general public wakes up and activists gear up.

Holding the discussion between Thanksgiving and Christmas was not sufficient. Waiting until January is not so long that it will stall the final project, and not so fast that it will railroad one through.

MassDOT unfortunately only slightly extended its official public comment period. No matter. Public discussion and political pressure will continue to shape the issue (especially after MassDOT’s website foolishly endorsed surface-street supporters).

We have yet to hear an argument that alters our support for the surface-street replacement option. But JP now has the proper time to have that debate. That is the best option of all.

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