Arborway Yard gets cleaned up

FOREST HILLS—Issues at the Arborway Yard that got the MBTA-owned bus facility added to a “problem properties” list were resolved within 48 hours, Inspectional Services Department spokesperson Lisa Timberlake told the Gazette.

In an unusual move, the Jamaica Plain Problem Properties Committee—an advisory group that normally identifies private properties for city inspectors to investigate—added the bus yard to its list at its Dec. 7. State Rep. Liz Malia and City Councilor Matt O’Malley requested that the property be added to the list.

Timberlake told the Gazette that inspectors visited the yard the next day. They found barrels of unused brake fluid, pallets of used fire extinguishers and other debris that they asked the MBTA to clean up, but did not issue a citation, she said.

“There was no type of hazardous material situation on the site,” she said.

All of the issues were taken care of within 24 hours, Timberlake said. “As of right now, it seems as if this particular issue is closed.”

The inspection was conducted by the Boston Environmental Strike Team (BEST Team)—an interdepartmental group that includes members of ISD, the fire and police departments and the Boston Public Health Commission.


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