Letter: AAA Appliances is A-plus

What a great resource we have right here in JP.

Last week, our oven gave out. The problem seemed apparent. The pilot light lit, but the flame did not spread across the oven bottom, making it impossible to reach a temperature above “warm.” We called a recommended service provider. The company charged us an $80 service call fee, but assured us that if it was something that could be repaired, they would have all necessary parts in the repair truck. They came, took a look and confirmed the issue was what we thought it was, a problem that could be easily repaired. But, despite their dispatcher’s assurance, needed to go back to the warehouse for parts and would have to schedule another call (taking with them the $80). We learned 24 hours later that they would not come back for about another week.

Panicked and angered, we remembered AAA Appliances right here on Centre Street, Jamaica Plain. I gave them a call. It was a Friday morning. From the moment someone answered, we were treated courteously and professionally. They fixed the stove within hours after the call. The repair took less than an hour, and their visit fee: only $50.

Thanks, AAA. You get another “A” from us.

Carl Frappaolo

Jamaica Plain

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