Letter: Tedeschi has great staff

Tedeschi is one of my favorite stores in Jamaica Plain.

Some employees from years ago are still there and others come and go, but this present staff is so friendly. There is among other customers and such a wonderful staff a camaraderie that I love. I am from Europe and from very mixed origins, and this is what I miss here many times, as in a huge supermarket of course you do not know the staff. At Tedeschi, they are like an extended family, and like myself, they come from different countries, so we relate well.

I do have medical issues. I do not have a car. These people always make it so much easier by helping me. I have carpal tunnel and it’s difficult to use the carts. They do it for me.

Also, they have a lot of staple produce and items that I can use with my mostly Mediterranean cooking.

They have, like all of us, their own worries in their lives, but they leave their problems at home and take the time to converse and smile. It would be nice to let them know, and others know, how much they are liked and appreciated.

Alice Barro Lieber

Jamaica Plain

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