Letter: Thanks for JP honesty

Here’s yet another reason to shop JP local: My daughter’s Hanukkah miracle.

My daughter, in for the holiday, came home from shopping at JP Center and realized all her presents were missing. After much consternation emotionally and monetarily (she’s a social worker and bartender—not much flowing in) she went back to ask the stores if they saw anything.

The first store, Fire Opal, offered to let her replace everything she’d bought and pay when she could. At the second store, Boing!, she learned that people had been in the store looking for the person who lost presents, hoping they’d paid with a credit card so they could contact them. My daughter had paid with cash, so the person went to the next store whose bag was represented, Kitchenwitch. The staff there said they’d hold the three large bags (and we know how tiny that store is) and put a big sign in the window: “Seeking person who put their presents in wrong car.”

Yes, she’d borrowed my not-that-distinguishable Toyota (recently fixed by the local West Cork Auto) and put all her presents into the wrong car while running into another store on the street. Thank you, honest JP folk, who must have laughed when they saw someone “broke” into their car and left them piles of presents. Thank you for taking the time to track down my daughter and for teaming up with the stores.

Shop local. Yes!

Randy Susan Meyers

Jamaica Plain

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