AIDS Action opens pharmacy

The AIDS Action Committee is teaming up with MOMS Pharmacy to provide a one-stop facility at its Amory Street location in Jackson Square for people living with HIV and AIDS.

“It’s more comprehensive than other social or medical organizations that are in isolation,” said John Gatto, vice president of programs at AIDS Action. “We can provide a seamless type of care.”

The 75 Amory St. location will now house a drop-in center where clients can learn about treatment for HIV and AIDS, use computers for housing and job searches, and have access to AIDS Action’s HIV Health Library. At the same time, clients can obtain medication they need from MOMS.

“There is a synergy in this type of collaboration,” said Gatto.

MOMS, a nationwide pharmacy geared towards people living with HIV and AIDS, will provide clientele with any type of medication, but Gatto said the pharmacy specializes in HIV and AIDS medication. He noted this enables the pharmacy to ensure there is no dangerous interaction among the medication.

Gatto commented that another beneficial aspect of the MOMS partnership is that the pharmacy provides the MOMSPak, a month’s worth of medication broken down into packages of daily doses with time and date. He said this allows the patient to miss a dose and not be thrown off. Gatto added the packs are advantageous to the homeless because they can rip off several days worth off medicine to take with them.

Besides offering medication on-site, MOMS will also home- and mail-deliver the medication.

The two organizations will provide the social and medical support to make sure people adhere to their medication regimens. If people do that, they are less likely to transmit the disease when they participate in high-risk behavior.

“Having MOMS on-site, with pharmacists who are experts in HIV/AIDS medicine available to answer questions, will make it easier and more convenient for our clients to adhere to their treatment plans,” said JP resident Rebecca Haag, president and CEO of AIDS Action Committee, in a press release. “Ultimately, this is going to lead to better health outcomes for our clients. That, in turn, reduces the spread of HIV, reduces suffering for those with HIV, and reduces health care costs.”

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