Police Spotlight: Burglaries return to JP South

The area of the Arborway, Jamaica Street and St. Rose Street, which had a string of burglaries last fall, is seeing another increase in residential break-ins.

Most of the crimes have been committed by people who walk around the neighborhood and knock on doors until they find a residence with no one home. They then break in through the rear of the property. Residents should notify the police at 911 immediately about any suspicious people in rear yards, as well as anyone who knocks on a front door looking for someone who does not live there.

Some basic tips to prevent burglary: Always lock your doors and windows; secure sliding glass doors with locks or broomsticks; keep valuables out of sight; do not leave tools, ladders, lawn furniture, crates, etc. outside for criminals to use to break in; do not hide house keys outside; keep shrubbery and trees trimmed back; keep outside lights on; keep an inventory of valuable items, including serial numbers; consider purchasing an alarm system; when away, put lights and radios on timers, keep window shades in normal positions, and halt mail delivery.

To leave an anonymous tip about the break-ins, call 1-800-877-8477 or text “TIP” to 27463. For more crime prevention info, contact the District E-13 Police Community Service Office at 617-343-5624 or [email protected].

Information courtesy District E-13 Community Service Office.

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