Seaverns Ave. trees to return

(Gazette Photo by Rebeca Oliveira) Two mature trees were cut down to accommodate construction on Seaverns Avenue last month. The property owner told the Gazette that new trees will be planted.

A construction project at 21 Seaverns Ave. has caused the felling of two trees, causing neighbor complaints. New trees will be planted, the property owner told the Gazette.

Owner Paul Donovan said his project spent a year being vetted in neighborhood processes. He cut down the trees to install a driveway and parking area.

The redevelopment of the single-family house into two condo units should be complete by June or July, Donovan said.

He said that the project was designed to “keep as much as possible of the house’s original architectural details.”

“Two fine old trees bite the dust and some animals lose their homes,” neighbor Terry Wells told the Gazette.


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