Aviary to open photo lab

Aviary, a gallery and art boutique on South Street, is raising funds to install a digital photo lab for community use.

The planned lab will include four computers, four professional-grade scanners and two professional-grade printers for rent. Each computer will have state-of-the art software like Photoshop, Lightroom and Aperture.

“We’ll also have a selection of cameras and lighting equipment that people can rent out,” said owner Lindsay Metivier.

Fund-raising for the photo lab is expected to go on until May 1. Metivier said she needs $3,200 to buy all the equipment.

“Aviary is hoping to provide photographers and people who want to learn how to print and scan [for] themselves an affordable space to scan negatives and make archival inkjet prints,” Metivier said. “I understand how hard it is to keep scanning and printing photographs when you’ve just graduated college and have no money to buy your own equipment. Along with providing the facilities for artists to work, Aviary will offer printing and scanning services.”

Aviary is located at 48 South St. and just celebrated its one-year anniversary. Its website is aviarygallery.com.

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