Letter: LaRouche campaign should be ignored

I’m not one for denying anyone the right of free speech, but when I see the Lyndon LaRouche volunteers show up in front of Dunkin’ Donuts as I did earlier today, I wonder if the store manager is concerned about potential customers turning away. I would be.

First of all, the posters of Obama with a Hitler mustache should concern even the president’s most ardent opponents. That LaRouche would dare compare Obama to the most heinous of all dictators is not only absurd, but terribly offensive and kind of ironic. Taking the same liberties as the LaRouche organization, I am compelled to point out the parallels between its leader and that of the Nazi Party’s. Like Hitler, LaRouche is a narrow-minded racist who, over the years, desperately shifted allegiances from one political extreme to another, pointing to every imaginable target as the cause of economic and historical calamities, and who continues to gather around him disenfranchised political misfits.

But for me to compare the two demagogues is no different than their tactic, so for that I apologize. I notice that most people just ignore their absurd little hate display, and I should follow their example. Just as I would not get all riled up over the occasional (and rare, these days) dog droppings on the sidewalk, I will simply continue on my way and patronize whatever store they plant their campaign in front of, if that’s my destination.

Michel Spitzer

Jamaica Plain

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