Letter: Malia fails to lead on overpass project

The following letter was sent to state Rep. Liz Malia:

Your belated, obstructionist and divisive intervention in the Casey Overpass replacement project is very disappointing to me, as a Jamaica Plain resident and one of your constituents.

Rather than taking the side of one small group of constituents against the majority who oppose construction of a new overpass to replace the current monstrosity, a real leader would focus on the broader reality—that our neighborhoods are overrun with automobiles traveling from somewhere else to somewhere else and none of us like it.

The Emerald Necklace should be restored to the multimodal urban park for which it was designed by Frederick Law Olmsted and legally set aside by the General Court. Constructing a new overpass for cars to “fly over” Forest Hills and speed up the Arborway is totally contrary to that intent.

I will work to elect a real leader with vision of a better future to represent my Jamaica Plain community.

Kevin Handly

Jamaica Plain

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