Food trucks may come to Egleston

EGLESTON SQ.—Food trucks have a spot reserved this year at Washington and School streets—but no food truck business has yet signed up.

High-quality food served from trucks has become popular new trend on both city streets and private property. The City of Boston recently began permitting various street spots for food truck use.

Egleston Square nearly got a locally based barbecue food truck last year, but that deal fell through, according to Betsy Cowan, executive director Egleston Square Main Street (ESMS). That vendor reached out the community first.

“I would hope that any food truck vendor would follow a similar process—meet with ESMS, present their proposal to the merchants and offer a service that complements the existing services available [in brick-and-mortar restaurants],” Cowan said.

The City has food truck permits available for the Egleston Square spot for breakfast, lunch and dinner service seven days a week. For more information, see

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