Water pipe work may close streets

Water pipe replacement work will come to five Jamaica Plain streets within the next five weeks, possibly creating street closures and temporary water service bypasses.

The affected streets are Arcola, Day, Prince, Rosemary and St. Rose.

“It’s for the community,” said Boston Water and Sewer Commission spokesperson Tom Bagley about the work, which will improve water pressure and clarity.

The work could result in street closures, parking bans and temporary water hoses being installed in houses along the streets, depending on the situations, Bagley said. The length of the work could vary as well, he said, and contractors had not yet submitted work schedules.

Residents should receive notices about the work roughly three weeks ahead of time, he said. Parking restrictions and street closures would be announced 48 hours in advance. If temporary water pipes are required, those must be hooked up in each house’s basement, which would involve gaining advance permission and entrance from individual homeowners. Otherwise, water outages likely would be brief.

This type of water pipe replacement is generally sparked by resident complaints about low-pressure or rust-colored water, Bagley said.

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