Editorial: Mission impossible

How is it that Boston Public Schools can have the gumption to move Mission Hill K-8 to Jamaica Plain despite huge controversy, but not to change the school’s now-inaccurate name?

Granted, “Mission Hill” is easier to say and spell than the building’s former name “Agassiz.” But give us a break. We already have to constantly explain the West Roxbury Courthouse and the two Washington Streets. Please give us a school name that doesn’t violate the laws of geography.

How about “Jamaica Plain K-8”? Or just shorten it to “Mission K-8.” A mission sounds like a good thing for a school to have.

The only reason to keep the name is a misguided sop to critics of the move. But it’s not much comfort for Mission Hill to hear that the school doesn’t need the neighborhood, just its name. The school will move and the name should change.

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