Group urges local rep. to support energy bill

Environment Massachusetts, a local chapter of a national environmental advocacy organization, is going door to door in Jamaica Plain attempting to elicit support for a renewable energy bill. The group is urging residents to send state Reps. Liz Malia and Jeffrey Sánchez a postcard asking them to support the bill.

“Sometimes it is hard to raise issues to the level where something is done unless representatives hear from their constituents,” said Ben Wright, an advocate for Environment Massachusetts and a JP resident.

One part of the bill that Environment Massachusetts is particularly championing would roughly double the amount of electricity solar-panel users are allowed to sell back to utility companies. Solar-panel users are allowed to sell back excess electricity they generate and do not use to the utility companies.

Malia, who has heard of but is not that familiar with Environment Massachusetts, said of its door-to-door campaign, “I think it is the best form of advocating for something. It’s great.”

She added, “I wish people would do that for some other issues, too.”

Malia also said she is not aware of the particular legislation that Environment Massachusetts is advocating for, but said the idea to increase the amount of electricity allowed to sell back “makes a lot of sense to me.”

State Sen. Sonia Chang-Díaz voted for the renewable energy bill (S. 2214) in the state Senate, where it passed. The House Ways and Means Committee is currently reviewing the legislation.

“She was doing right by her constituents in Boston,” Wright said of Chang-Díaz.


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