BPL surveys parents for kids’ program

Having surveyed city youths about what they would like to see in a new after-school program, the Boston Public Library (BPL) is moving on to collect their parents’ and caregivers’ input through an online survey.

“This is our current phase,” said BPL spokesperson Gina Perille. “It covers a couple of key areas of input.”

Perille said those areas include what types of programs the parents and caregivers want and the time of day and year they would like to see the program active.

BPL is folding its popular Homework Assistance Program (HAP), which provides free homework help by high-achieving high school students for students in grades K-8, into a broader out-of-school program. The new program is expected to begin in the fall.

Some library friends groups feel that the move is a ploy to kill HAP. Fran Streeter, co-president of the Friends of the Connolly Library Branch, had said when the move was first announced she believes in her “heart of hearts” BPL has already decided to end the program.

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