Dog loses toes in escalator

FOREST HILLS—The local Angell Animal Medical Center is warning pet owners about escalators after a dog lost two toes in a moving-stairs mishap at the Forest Hills T Station.

A dog named Mace, owned by a Dorchester woman, ran up an escalator at the T station two weeks ago. At the top of the escalator, the dog’s foot became trapped in the gap between the stairs and the floor.

The dog was taken to Angell at 350 S. Huntington Ave. and treated for left rear foot injuries so severe that doctors had to remove two of his toes.

Pets do not understand that they must lift their feet at the end of an escalator to avoid being dragged into the machinery. Angell treats an average of two to three escalator injuries to animal every year, according to a press release. Pets should be kept away from escalators or carried while on them.

From press materials.

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