Tuesday Club seeks variance for market, food trucks

MONUMENT SQ.—The Jamaica Plain Tuesday Club, which owns and operates the Loring-Greenough House at 12 South S., is seeking a zoning variance from the City for food trucks and a farmer’s market at the historic property, according to Tuesday Club President Edward Stanley. The hearing is scheduled for July 10.

The club needs the variance because the property is zoned as residential.

Two food trucks and a farmer’s market currently operate there every Thursday on a temporary permit. Stanley said the City had asked the Tuesday Club to seek the variance instead of continuing to use a temporary permit.

The farmer’s market, which started in 2010, runs from 2 to 7 p.m. The food trucks, which began in 2011, are open from 4:30 to 8:30 p.m.

“We all hope that the variance is approved,” said Stanley. “Our goal here is for JP to enjoy the property, become interested in the property and maybe become involved. This benefits people in many ways.”

Three farms participate in the farmer’s market: the Buckle Farm in Dighton run by Jim Buckle, a JP resident; the Stillman’s Farm in New Braintree; and the Pen and Pepper Farm, which operates in several different locations.

The two food trucks are Bon Me, which serves Vietnamese cuisine, and BBQsmith, which sells smoked meat and sides.


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