Goddard House says most residents have new homes

The Goddard House Skilled Nursing & Rehabilitation Center at 201 S. Huntington Ave., which announced in July that it would be closing forever in September, has found new homes for most of its residents and is helping find employees new work.

Meanwhile, a local elected official is expected to meet with the Goddard House president after requesting a meeting for more details about the controversial closure.

Diana Pisciotta, spokesperson for the Goddard House, said that by the end of the week the institution expects fewer than 10 residents out of about 100 will have not found a new facility and that there is every expectation that those residents will find a home in the coming weeks.

“I would like to express a word of thanks to nearby facilities for their help,” said Pisciotta.

She said most residents moved within the area, but some residents had had family members that moved, so it made more sense to go to another area.

Pisciotta, who did not have numbers on how many employees have found new jobs, said the Goddard House has held three job fairs with over 25 institutions, including Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center and the Hebrew Senior Life, an elderly care facility in Roslindale. She said Brigham and Women’s Hospital is expected to come next week.

Pisciotta said the Goddard House has given employees bonuses for their years of service. She also said that the Goddard House board of trustees is grateful for their historic work they have done and for the work they are doing during the transition.

“I can’t say enough good things about the staff,” said Pisciotta.

A meeting appears to be in the works between local state Rep. Jeffrey Sánchez and Goddard House Skilled Nursing & Rehabilitation Center President Elizabeth Molodovsky.

Sánchez had requested the meeting in a letter sent July 31 after the Goddard House announced it would be closing. He is seeking answers, along with patient families and the general public, about the closing, including what will become of the Goddard House facility at 201 S. Huntington Ave., especially given that there are plans for two luxury apartment projects on that stretch of road.

“In one year, everything is going to change on that block,” said the representative. “It won’t be the same place.”

Sánchez said he would expect that the Goddard House would deliver more prompt information to local elected officials given that the institution receives funds from, and is regulated by, the state.

“I haven’t talked to her personally,” said Sánchez, referring to Molodovsky. “I’m waiting.”

Pisciotta said the institution wanted to inform residents and employees of the Goddard House about the closing in a “timely manner” and had every intention of having “a thoughtful dialogue with other members of the community as well.”

“Since we announced the decision to close to patients and residents, we have been in touch with Rep. Sánchez and his staff, providing updates on the transition, resident moves and job fairs for our employees,” she said. “[Molodovsky] looks forward to meeting with Rep. Sánchez within the next week to get his insight on how we can move forward and best support the healthcare needs of seniors in the community.”

Pisciotta also said that the Goddard House has not made any decision regarding the property at 201 S. Huntington Ave. and will not consider any action until after the transition is complete.

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