MBTA war memorials may move for Casey project

FOREST HILLS—Two memorials for MBTA employees who served in both World Wars and other wars may need to be relocated during demolition and construction of the new Casey Arborway.

Traffic will be rerouted from the Casey Overpass to a temporary roadway north of the overpass during construction, which is expected between 2014 and 2016. The temporary roadway may necessitate the relocation of the two memorial stones adjacent to the MBTA building at 500 Arborway.

A memorial to “men of the Jamaica Plain Car Barn” who served in WWI sits just west of the building, while a smaller memorial stone to veterans of WWII and the Korean and Vietnam wars sits next to the flag pole in front of the building.

“We’re looking at this now to determine whether the monuments are in the right of way, or if they will be impacted by the temporary roadway,” MassDOT spokesperson Michael Verseckes told the Gazette. “If they are in the way, or if they will be impacted, we would look to relocate them for the duration of construction.”

The MBTA building is planned to be razed to make way for the new Arborway bus yard. That project has not been scheduled due to the MBTA’s lack of funds.

After the Casey project is completed, the stones will stay at their current locations until the building is demolished, MBTA spokesperson Joe Pesaturo said.

As for the permanent home of the memorials after the demolition of 500 Arborway, Verseckes said, “It’s too early for us to say.”

It is unclear what will happen to pieces of public art currently located at Forest Hills station during or after the Casey project.

The Casey Overpass is the State Route 203 bridge over Washington Street at the Forest Hills T Station.

The memorial to the “men of the Jamaica Plain Car Barn” at the Arborway Yard. (Gazette Photo by Rebeca Oliveira)

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