Letter: People, not dogs, are the problem

I live in JP, have for many years, and have lived with dogs for many years. I am writing in response to being referred to as one of “these people.” (“Editorial: Dogs as vandalism,” July 20.) I agree that people should pick up after their dogs, but how do you know it is just the people with the off-leash dogs who do not pick up after their dogs? I have always picked up, as it is the right thing to do and get quite annoyed when others do not. It is especially bad when it snows.

As for quality of life, I am tired of hearing people complain about the dogs. I have walked in the Arboretum for many years and have encountered hundreds of dogs and their people. I will never say all dogs are perfect, but most are friendly and as far as I know that is not a crime. I find that I am much more affected by the actions of people. Every park and wooded area I go into has trash. There are plastic bags, food containers, bottles and cans that drinkers have left around, sometimes smashed to pieces. I cannot tell you how many times I have cleaned up those bottles and cans. I do not like having to see trash when I am walking, but that is considered more acceptable because it is done by people. I have been almost hit by bicycles going through and many speed down the hill and around the curve.

I have to listen to loud music everywhere I go and again see trash. I have people beeping at me because I have not gone through the light the second it turns green. Yes, I am tired of hearing about dogs having fun. Yes, I know there is a leash law, but dogs need to run and they certainly do not do all the annoying things that people do. I know I wouldn’t want to walk on a leash all the time, and the problem is that there are people who just don’t like dogs. Well, I’m not overly fond of many of the people who exist, but because they are people I have to put up with the noise, the trash and the rudeness. Look at and read the news and tell me who really causes the problems in the world. I can promise you it is not the dogs.

Kate Kenner

Jamaica Plain

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