Kelley Circle fixes under way

Long-planned improvements to the Kelley Circle rotary at the Jamaicaway and Arborway are under way, aimed at slowing traffic and improving pedestrian and bike safety.

The work, slated to wrap up early next month, will shorten the crossings at Parkman Drive and narrow the travel lane in the rotary.

“I’m really happy about that,” said state Rep. Jeffrey Sanchez, who has long been involved in the planning and funds-seeking for the project. The work is being carried out by the state Department of Conservation and Recreation in partnership with the Emerald Necklace Conservancy.

The work is part of three improvements planned for the parkways around Jamaica Pond. The first project, completed last year, was the addition of a signalized pedestrian crossing on the Jamaicaway at Eliot Street. Up next is some type of crossing between Jamaica Pond Park and the Francis Parkman Memorial on Parkman Drive.

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