Abandoned property heading to foreclosure

The owner of an abandoned building at 52 Montebello Road owes the City $265,000 in unpaid taxes and is in danger of losing the six-unit property, according to City Collector of Taxes Meredith Weenick.

The property has been abandoned for years, neighbor Kate Peppard told the Gazette, though it had been quiet for a long time.

Following “a number of large parties,” the property was boarded up by the City’s Inspectional Services Department (ISD) this summer. More recently, a squatter was arrested on the premises, Peppard said.

According to Weenick, the City has filed in land court to foreclose on the property. Because it’s a six-unit building, the city has filed six different foreclosure cases.

“Each unit is owned by a slightly different owner, though it does appear that it’s all one guy with different ownership structures,” she explained. “It’s essentially just one person who has yet to appear in court.”

The owner of record, John Patterson, has not been located by the City.

The property has been on the “Problem Properties” list for several years. The list is maintained by the Jamaica Plain Problem Properties Committee—an advisory group of police, ISD and residents that identifies private properties for city inspectors to investigate.

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