Arborway Yard push renewed

FOREST HILLS—After almost a year of inactivity, the Community Planning Committee for the Arborway Yard (CPCAY) has reconvened to keep the hope alive for a new Arborway bus yard.

The Arborway bus yard, located at Washington Street and the Arborway, was built as a temporary facility nine years ago and is four years overdue to be replaced by a permanent facility. The permanent facility is ready to begin being built as soon as funds are located.

The CPCAY meeting took place Sept. 26. Its last meeting took place last November. The Arborway bus yard is projected to cost $170 million to $220 million to build.

CPCAY Chair Henry Allen told the Gazette that the organization will pen a letter to incoming MBTA General Manager Dr. Deborah Scott “welcoming her, providing background about the project, and requesting that she address the promise and commitment made by both the MBTA and the State Department of Transportation to fully fund the project.”

The organization will also attend and make statements at upcoming state Department of Transportation meetings; advocate for fund allocation during the MBTA’s budget planning period later this year; and write several letters to transportation and elected officials.

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