Senior health center coming to Amory St.

A new nonprofit center, called the Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE), is scheduled to open in November at 125A Amory St.

A PACE center is “a one-stop shop for all medical care and treatment” for seniors, Upham’s Elder Service Plan Director of Operations Jay Trivedi told the Gazette.

Seniors “receive any and all treatment through our interdisciplinary team, all on-site,” Trivedi said. The center also provides home visits and contracts with specialists to provide complete care.

The development at 125 Amory St. is a Boston Housing Authority (BHA) community for seniors and people with disabilities.

The Amory Street PACE center will be the third operated by Upham’s Elder Service Plan in the Boston area.

Seniors over 55 who are interested in enrolling can find more information at and 617-288-0970.

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