Letter: JP is a good, kind community

Last week, my fiance (known to many in JP as “Chris the Painter”) found a wallet on Centre Street. Recognizing the address on the license as that of a previous job site, he contacted his client, who lives in the building, to update the owner and was able to return the wallet the next morning.

Less than a week later, my bag (with most of my life inside) went missing in Hyde Square. I visited shops, pubs and restaurants, walked neighborhoods, posted ads on every lost-and-found site possible, and used as many social media platforms as I could to get the word out. Throughout this all, my faith in the good people of JP remained; I truly believed that I would return home one day to find the bag sitting on my porch. Several days later, however, my hopes had dwindled and reality began to set in. Just as I was starting to process that the bag (and more importantly, a very sentimental item therein) was gone, my missing phone called our house. The bag had been found! Thanks to the good people of The Haven, the bag and every single last item inside (including cash and multiple gift cards), was returned intact.

I have lived in Jamaica Plain for three years; my fiance has been in the neighborhood for much longer. We have always had great appreciation for our little pocket of Boston, and we share that with anyone who will listen. This experience, though, has changed that. I no longer consider myself just a resident of JP. I am part of a community of people who look out for one another, people with good and kind souls, and I hope to be part of this community for many years to come.

Thank you, Jamaica Plain!

Megan Nicklaw

Jamaica Plain

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