Faulkner Hospital treating bomb victims

Brigham and Women’s Faulkner Hospital in Jamaica Plain is treating 12 patients, one of whom is in critical condition, from yesterday’s Boston Marathon bombing.

Dr. Rick Larson, who heads the department of emergency medicine at Faulkner Hospital, said many patients suffered penetrating injuries from packed shrapnel, including ball-bearing or BB-type shrapnel. One patient suffered serious facial injury and loss of tissue. Other injuries included burned skin and a fractured ankle.

He said many patients face a short-term recovery from penetrating injuries, while four patients who went to the operating room have a recovery time of “probably weeks.” All patients are expected to recover.

Larson said the staff had a “great response” and noted that the hospital “drilled all the time” for an event like the bombing.

“We knew where to go and what to do,” he said.

Larson also commended first-responders for the field triage they did on patients.

The hospital at 1153 Centre St. was in lockdown yesterday, but is open to patients and visitors as usual, according to spokesperson David Goldberg.

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