JP Kids: For kids under 10

(Image Courtesy JP Comics & Games) An image from “Bodie Troll.”

(Image Courtesy JP Comics & Games) An image from “Bodie Troll.”

JP Comics & Games co-owner Paul Bryant gave the Gazette his recommendations for titles appropriate for comic readers aged 6 to 9.

“These are good for kids in general. They feature girls and boys,” he said. “They’re all a lot of fun. Kids’ titles tend to have full adventures per issue” instead of spreading one adventure over many issues like adult titles.

  •  “Superdinosaur”: Two scientists, along with their children and cybernetic dinosaur minions, battle for control of Earth.
  • “Bodie Troll”: A grumpy little troll aspires to be big and scary, but comes off looking adorable every time.
  • “Mouse Guard”: mouse soldiers who help common mice navigate the dangers of the world.
  • “Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes”: A classic Marvel title featuring a group of superheroes who keep Earth safe from many dangers.
  • “Superman Family Adventures”: Superman, friends and foes get reinterpreted for a family audience.


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