Editorial: Unleash the dog-walking talk

While we are not convinced that the Franklin Park Coalition’s proposal for off-leash dog permitting in the park is the best idea or the product of a thorough discussion, we are grateful that the coalition had the guts and brains to get this important conversation started. We need serious commitment to seeing this conversation through and coming up with innovative solutions.

Too many of our parks are overrun with illegally off-leash dogs that, by their nature, squelch virtually every other valid way of enjoying the parks, leave dung in places it doesn’t belong, and endanger wildlife and the dogs themselves. Of course, the main reason for that is the City’s dismal lack of provisions for dog-walking despite an obvious huge demand.

Boston is a city of enormous brainpower, deep resources, committed advocates of both parks and animal welfare, and thousands of dogs who are best friends to many of us. We can find win-win solutions that improve our parks and our dogs’ lives—if we follow the lead of the Franklin Park Coalition.

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