Letter: Residents should support Hyde/Jackson parklet plan

We at Hyde Jackson Square Main Street believe that a temporary parklet planned to be installed in front of Tacos El Charro and Sonia’s Bridal & Quinceañera will be a great addition to the neighborhood. (“Parklet to cost up to $25K,” June 7.) Parklets are temporary small parks that widen the sidewalk where they are located and provide a place to sit, watch and enjoy the neighborhood. These are places where everyone can come to bring their lunch or dinner, read a book, have conversations and reflect.

In other cities such as Oakland, San Francisco and Philadelphia, parklets have been extremely successful. The City of Boston’s program is intended to capture community interest, spur private investment in future parklets, and strengthen our historic business districts. The Hyde/Jackson Square neighborhood is a great place to locate one. It has diverse residents and businesses with strong Latino culture and has two responsible business owners who are enthusiastic about caring for the parklet. These community partners—Tacos El Charro and Sonia’s—have been working with the designer to ensure that cultural elements are reflected in its design.

Our organization has had many discussions with residents and business owners about a parklet for this neighborhood. Without doubt, the vast majority of people have been supportive of this exciting initiative. They understand that the parklet will add to the vibrancy of the neighborhood, increase green space, and make streets safer by putting more “eyes” on Centre Street in different locations.

We urge Hyde/Jackson Square residents, JP residents and Bostonians alike to embrace this public space and enjoy its positive addition to the Hyde/Jackson Square neighborhood.

Gerald Robbins

Executive Director

Hyde Jackson Square Main Street

Jamaica Plain


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