Letter: Arroyo’s banking idea shows why he should be mayor

Felix Arroyo deserves our support in his bid to become mayor of Boston. He is the only candidate running who sees the enormous benefits Boston will gain by putting our tax dollars in community banks that support the Boston economy, not in the “too big to fail” banks that pay CEOs huge salaries, gamble with our public money and take their profits elsewhere. The proposed “Invest in Boston” ordinance that Arroyo has put forward in the City Council will ensure that banks that are depositories for the revenue Boston collects are held accountable for their loan policies. Only banks that meet the criteria spelled out in “Invest in Boston” will get our public monies. Just imagine the difference community banks that commit to local job creation, small business development, growing the “green economy” locally, and humane home loan policies can make economically for our citizenry. As mayor, Councilor Arroyo will be an equally strong advocate for “Invest in Boston.” We hope you will join with us in voting for him in the mayoral primary.

Nancy Goldner

Jamaica Plain

Steve Snyder


MA Public Bank Working Group

Editor’s Note: Goldner previously served as an Arroyo campaign volunteer.

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