36 units planned for Brookley Road lot

STONYBROOK—A developer is planning 36 condo units—12 three-family buildings—at the long-vacant lot at 101 Brookley Road.

“We’re working with the community, and they seem very happy with our plans so far,” said Yan Schecter, manager of Buildex Real Estate Ventures LLC, which recent bought the lot. “We’re in touch by phone and email, and we’re all waiting for the final proposals from the architect,” which should be done in about a week, he said.

The lot has been subdivided into 12 parcels, not the five that previous were speculated. Schecter said he hopes the new buildings will blend into the community more so than previous proposals by the Mayo Group that never materialized, although he did add that the houses are going to look a little more up-to-date than the surrounding houses.

“We’re trying to create not a revolution, but an evolution,” Schecter stated.

The plan is to include at least one garage parking spot for each unit, and to use open space with a front deck, rear deck and larger storage spaces within.        “We looked at a lot of open houses in the area and found that that a lot of first-time homebuyers bought the units,” Schecter said, “but when they have a child, they encounter problems like, “Where do we put a bicycle rack? Where do we put the stroller?’”

He also emphasized that open space is not only necessary to first time homebuyers, but other families as well. All of the housing would be priced at market rate.

Buildex LLC is not yet working with the Boston Redevelopment Authority on the development, just the community for the time being.

The local Stonybrook Neighborhood Association (SNA) did not have official comment. But one of its members, who wished to remain anonymous, said that the developer did respond to the communities concerns immediately and agreed not to submit any plans to the City before confirming it with the SNA first. So far, no meeting between the SNA and the developer is planned.

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