Despite staff changes, mail problems continue

Some Jamaica Plain residents continue to have mail delivery problems despite managerial changes at the Jamaica Plain post office.

Meanwhile, the United States Postal Service (USPS) is continuing to ask resident to report problems to its hotline, as it can’t address the issue unless it has the name and address of the customer affected.

The Gazette reported in January that several areas of Jamaica Plain had problems with undelivered mail, including St. Rose, Boylston and Jamaica Streets, as well as Robinwood and Spring Park Avenues. USPS said earlier this month that it had made managerial changes at the JP post office.

But the switch in leadership hasn’t helped JP resident Richard Heath, who came to the Gazette’s office Feb. 18 to say he hadn’t received mail since Feb. 12. He called the mail problem an “epidemic” and said the service is “unpredictable.” Heath, who lives on Bourne Street, said he has received neighbors’ mail and also found mail in a snowbank.

“I don’t know what is going on,” he said.

Heath later emailed the Gazette to say that he had received mail that day from two different carriers, some of which was his neighbors’.

“If this were the circus, it would be the funniest show in town,” said Heath. “But right now it is not funny. For example, I’m late on a retirement filing because of misdirected mail.”

When the Gazette asked USPS for a comment about the continuing mail delivery problems, spokesperson Melissa Lohnes asked for the customer’s name and address, which Heath did not want the Gazette to reveal.

“It is extremely difficult to address specific issues without detailed information like a customer’s name and address,” she said.

Another JP resident experiencing mail problems is Mary Welby, who lives on St. Rose Street. She said she has had mail delivered late and had neighbors’ mail delivered to her home on Feb. 22. Welby said she will be cutting out the Gazette articles on the problem and sending them with her bills that have come late, hoping she won’t get charged a late fee.

Anyone with mail problems can contact USPS’s Consumer Affair’s Department by calling 617-654-5740 or by emailing consumer&[email protected].

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