New pole yard advertised for bids

FOREST HILLS—A project to create a new temporary City pole yard in JP is being advertised with no explanation of its purpose.

But a pole yard currently exists adjacent to the temporary Arborway bus yard at 327 Forest Hills St. Relocating the existing pole yard to make all of the land available is a critical step in the construction of the planned permanent Arborway bus yard facility. It is unclear whether the City is looking to move the existing pole yard or whether it is creating a new, temporary pole yard.

The temporary pole yard is currently being advertised for 430 Canterbury St., about a mile away from the existing yard.

That site is adjacent to a site suggested by JP resident Allan Ihrer as a better location for the permanent Arborway bus yard. Ihrer actually included a pole yard in his proposed new site plan for the bus yard, almost exactly where the City is proposing the temporary facility.

Various Gazette requests for comment from the City were not returned.

Pole yards are used to house and maintain light poles.

Sealed bids will be accepted by the City until March 6.

The request for bids is available at

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