Sale of Blessed Sacrament Church finalized

The sale of the former Blessed Sacrament Church building at 365 Centre St. from the Church Square Partners to the Hyde Square Task Force (HSTF) has been finalized, according to a press release. The sale was completed Feb. 28.

HSTF had entered into a purchase-and-sale agreement to buy the church building in early July 2013 from the Church Square Partners, which is a partnership between the Jamaica Plain Neighborhood Development Corporation (JPNDC) and New Atlantic Development. A purchase-and-sale agreement typically lasts 120 days, but the two sides agreed to extend the time period last fall.

“Purchasing the church building ensures that it will once again play a key role in the lives of residents and contribute to our culturally rich and vibrant community,” said Martinez, according to the press release. “This architectural icon, which has been a significant part of Jamaica Plain’s history, will come back to life when people gather to enjoy cultural and civic events and activities.”

JPNDC and New Atlantic Development bought the Blessed Sacrament Church campus in 2005 and had planned to turn the church into condos. HSTF has said it will use the church building for community space.

“We’re very glad we could make this sale happen. The cultural center will be a great addition to the neighborhood and we wish the Hyde Square Task Force the very best,” said JPNDC Executive Director Richard Thal, according to the press release.

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