101 Brookley Road tweaks continue

STONYBROOK—Plans for a dozen triple-deckers to be erected on a long-vacant lot at 101 Brookley Road are still in development while the developer consults with the community.

Yan Schecter, manager of Buildex Real Estate Ventures LLC, the lot’s owner, has already subdivided the large property into 12 parcels and plans to erect a three-family building on each one.

Schechter met with neighbors and abutters on March 20 to discuss a site plan and building design, Stonybrook Neighborhood Association member Daniel Scanlan told the Gazette.

“There was concern with the overall building style. It was the consensus of the group that the style of the buildings is not in keeping with the traditional character of the neighborhood. Of particular concern are the current design’s lack of cornice or overhang, [and] porch design and windows,” Scanlan said.

The City’s Inspectional Services Department previously rejected the plans. Shcechter said those were “technicalities” that are being fixed.

“We are working with the City and the neighborhood association to move the project along,” Schechter told the Gazette last week.

According to the Boston Redevelopment Authority’s (BRA) website, no plans for the project have yet been filed.

Once the site of a nursing home, the large lot has been the subject of various condo plans over the years that never materialized.

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