Neighbors want BRA to review 101 Brookley

STONYBROOK—The process to create a dozen triple-deckers on a long-vacant lot at 101 Brookley Road are being questioned by the Stonybrook Neighborhhod Association (SNA).

Yan Schecter, manager of Buildex Real Estate Ventures LLC, the lot’s owner, has already subdivided the large property into 12 parcels and plans to erect a three-family building on each one. If the entire parcel were developed as one large project, Schecter would have to file his plan with the Boston Redevelopment Authority (BRA) under “small project” zoning review.

BRA small project review are required for “projects that involve the addition of an aggregate gross floor area of 20,000 or more square feet and/or any project that results in the creation of 15 or more dwelling units,” according to the BRA website.

Small project review would also force a holistic review of the project, including community input.

Various previous, unsuccessful plans for the property, proposed by other developers, received BRA review.

The proposed 36 units would create 39,600 square feet of living space, assuming 1,100 square feet per unit.

The SNA, while “very happy to work with Mr. Schechter…on a project that is appropriate for the Stonybrook neighborhood…take[s] issue with the overall development concept for 101 Brookley Road because the current proposal bypasses BRA review” by subdividing the property, SNA co-chairs Dan Scanlan and Frederick Vetterlein wrote in a letter to the Gazette.

A Gazette phone call to Schechter was not returned.

“Our neighborhood is currently dealing with an onslaught of large developments that will greatly affect its residents’ quality of life. The SNA has been involved in community discussions about four large projects on Washington Street alone. Thankfully, these are all going through an official review process with the BRA so that there is true oversight, accountability, and community involvement. Unfortunately, this is not the case with another 1.7 acres three blocks from Washington at 101 Brookley Road,” the letter reads.

The City’s Inspectional Services Department (ISD) “would interpret whether or not projects being proposed have the square footage that would trigger the BRA’s small project review. At this time, the BRA is not aware of any plans that have been filed at 101 Brookley Rd.,” BRA spokesperson Melina Schuler told the Gazette.

Schecter has filed plans with ISD for only two triple deckers, at 91-93 and 95-97 Brookley Road. Gazette emails asking ISD for clarification on why the project was not forwarded to the BRA for review were not answered by Gazette press time.

The site at 101 Brookley Road earlier this month.  (Gazette Photo by Rebeca Oliveira)

The site at 101 Brookley Road earlier this month. (Gazette Photo by Rebeca Oliveira)

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