Letter: Airplane noise is a nuisance

Being awoken at 5:04 a.m. by the thunderous noise of jetliners over JP has become intolerable. That’s the earliest I’ve experienced. The next was 5:08am. Many times the jets can be heard every 90 seconds, which is the time between takeoffs at Logan Airport.

We must let Massport and the Federal Aviation Administration know that we are annoyed. The number for the Massport complaint line is 617-561-3333. I stored the number on my smartphone and have called at least two to three dozen times…and will continue to do so.

Residents in Washington, D.C.; California; Arizona; Illinois; New York; and Minneapolis also are reporting problems with airport noise. In some instances, the shift in flight patterns is routing planes over communities that never had to deal with flyovers. In many areas, overall noise complaints tripled between 2014 and 2015.

Let’s keep the calls coming and perhaps we may help alleviate the noise in 2016.

John Fabiani

Jamaica Plain resident

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