Letter: Bicon Dental is ‘a pillar’ of the neighborhood

The latest flap over its occupancy permit is yet another salvo in a long-running smear campaign against Bicon Dental Implants by a group of narrow-minded neighbors. As I have noted in past letters of support to the City’s Inspectional Services Department (ISD), Bicon has become a pillar of the neighborhood.

They first turned a vacant property with a boarded-up building into an eloquent, castle-like structure—a fine architectural addition to the neighborhood. They purchased and demolished a home on Yale Terrace that was nothing short of an eyesore, for which they should be commended rather than chastised. (One could only hope they might acquire a few more abutting Yale Terrace properties that are likewise eyesores for purposes of demolition and redevelopment.)

Whatever permitting issues may or may not be needed, let us more progressive and forward-thinking neighbors do what we can to support Bicon to not only maintain, but expand its presence in the area. The ISD welcomes all input, including that in support of Bicon.          Yale Terrance residents would do well to focus on their own shortcomings, such as continually allowing their dogs to run off-leash—far more visible violation of City ordinance than misperceived notions of improper permits for Bicon operations.

Glenn Inghram

Jamaica Plain resident

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