Casa Verde officially opens

The Mexican restaurant Casa Verde at 711 Centre Street officially opened May 2 and business has been booming, according to co-owner David Doyle.

“We’ve been busy right off the bat, and feel humbled by the huge amount of support and excitement shown by all of our guests, many of whom are regulars at Tres Gatos and Centre Street Cafe,” said Doyle in an email.

He said customers include a large number of families with kids who come early and a growing late night bar crowd.

“Our goal is to be a really casual, affordable place that appeals to the neighborhood as a whole, and so far so good,” said Doyle.

Doyle owns Casa Verde with his wife Maricely Perez-Alers and his other business partner, Keith Harmon. The restaurant team also owns the aforementioned Tres Gatos and Centre Street Cafe. They had originally hoped to open last fall, but those plans were pushed back until this spring.

“The delay in opening was due mainly to two factors: difficulty getting contractors to finish their work (they’re all very busy right now due to the building boom in Boston), and needing to do more work on the infrastructure than we anticipated, including replacing the tile floor in the kitchen and a good deal of the existing equipment,” said Doyle. “We also ended up doing a fair amount of the finish work ourselves, which we’re proud of, but it took a lot of time and effort.”

The person leading the charge in Casa Verde’s kitchen is former Ten Tables chef Sean Callahan. Doyle said Callahan took a trip to Mexico last fall to sample food in different regions and that “so far the response to his initial menu has been really positive.”

“As a final note, I just want to say what an amazing experience it’s been working with this team, including my partner, Keith Harmon,” said Doyle. “Collectively, they bring a great deal of experience to the table, and their energy and enthusiasm is really impressive. Their commitment to making Casa Verde a true neighborhood place is obvious every day, both in the quality of food coming out of the kitchen and the service on the floor. I feel lucky to work with each and every one of them.”

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