Letter: Happy ending

I live on Dunster Road. On Monday morning, my cat (Jane) somehow found herself on the roof of my three-story house. It was a hot day, and my roof is not shaded. I called the Animal Rescue League, but they couldn’t tell me when they would get here. Meanwhile, Jane was meowing pitifully and panting because of the heat and discomfort.

Enter Robert, a broad-shouldered, muscular construction worker with New Edge Construction Services, who was working across the street.  A cat lover himself, he couldn’t bear the crying. Without my prompting, he put a ladder up to the roof and climbed up to save Jane.  She was panicky and wouldn’t come near him. That didn’t stop Robert.

He noticed an air conditioner in the attic window. He went up there and removed the bulky and heavy unit from the window, which enabled Jane to get back into the house on her own. He then offered to re-install the unit.

I should mention that Robert was helped by two passing mail carriers, but unfortunately I didn’t catch their names. With Robert, they deserve a great big thank-you.

I don’t know how often strangers stop to help a person or animal in distress, but these strangers did. While Robert carried out the bulk of the rescue, for which I am utterly thankful, I also want to thank the mail carriers for their efforts.  Many thanks to all three of you guys! You done well and I will pay it forward.

Cristina Rosa Nelson

Jamaica Plain

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