Letter: Drivers are acting crazy

JP and beyond is being brutalized by drivers who are
thoughtless, selfish, and dangerously unwilling to curb
their hostility.

Two factors in driving—Constant Acceleration (more than
just “speeding”) and Tailgaiting—combine like bleach and ammonia
to create violent atmosphere.  Breathing space between cars
adds much more positive conditions, mentally and physically.
Safety says “reach and MAINTAIN a driving speed,”
but this is a concept totally foreign to drivers who feel that
speed limit-PLUS-15-MPH is their goal and their right.

JP is largely neighborhood roads, and drivers should consider that. For most of us, simply being considerate is a behavior that
we have to learn, and sometimes re-learn when conditions change.

Newly-paved Chestnut Avenue has had silently foisted on it
a newly-designated ONE-WAY status onto Chestnut Square.
However, it makes it’s exit onto Chestnut Avenue (from Lamartine
Street) a most dangerous intersection—looks just like a
rushed decision by the choosers at City Hall. Now, driving from
Lamartine one has to extend INTO traffic before they can tell
even IF any traffic is coming from the left.

Unsafe, especially with the breed of hateful drivers who are
trying to take over the roads.  Feeding more drivers (who
are trying to zoom out of the neighborhood) onto Chestnut
Avenue is a short-sighted decision.  Making it one-way the
other direction would be less dangerous…or keep it two-way.

Richard Waddell

Jamaica Plain resident

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